Are you searching for that perfect bag? How about one that is easy to wear, has great pockets, is durable, and just gorgeous?

Welcome! You'll see that every So Comfy bag begins as a beautiful base style, and then you select your own custom touches. That's right, you'll be getting a top quality bag that is handmade just for you. Now you get to carry a bag that will always be different from everyone else's, and even comes with a designer warranty. That's pretty awesome, right? Learn more here

Oh, did you know that every scrap of leather used in a So Comfy Designs bag or accessory is 100% upcycled? It's been that way since the first style rolled out in 2013. I go into a lot more detail about that on my About page, so please visit me here. I'd love to introduce myself, and tell you more about how So Comfy keeps a small footprint.

It's so easy to be a co-designer of your own custom So Comfy bag, and you'll love it forever! Shop current styles right now

NOTE: adding some elements will increase the cost of each individual bag.



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