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Hi, I'm Randa. I'm so glad that you came by! When I am a vendor, out selling my wares in public I love to meet and greet and tell you the story of So Comfy Designs and the materials and handmade touches that make them truly special. Here's a little bit about myself, and the business that I've grown out of my home. 

A few years back I was a busy mom and wife working outside of my home. It was hard. I tried hard to 'do it all'  but I burned out hard, and ended up being diagnosed with anxiety. While taking time off to get back to myself I discovered with beautifully fun world of DIY. Pinterest got me hard, and it wasn't long after I made my first handmade item - headbands made from braided upcycled t-shirts - that I remembered, "hey, I've always wanted to do this".

It all started small with a tiny collection, and I worked hard to go from headbands to sandals, to dresses, to mittens, to a business plan and bigger sewing machines. Lots of fumbles and follies happened until I discovered bag making. My earliest styles were bags made out of a leather jacket, keeping the original details, but now So Comfy bags are about repurposing leather from old jackets into custom designed bags. It took a few years to really find where I belonged as an entrepreneur and the most rewarding times are when I get to work with like minded makers and entrepreneurs growing our businesses and blazing new trails in our community.

I love the freedom working at home gives me to be a mom first, and once the boys are off to school I get to work. I love how excited my customers are when they order their bags, or tell me that they were somewhere and spotted a So Comfy. I love getting to connect with all sorts of different women and connect on our mutual love of bags and fashion! 

So, I truly LOVE to sew. Love it. But besides that, my favourite things to do include walking my dog, spending time with my family, and relaxing in front of the TV with a nice beverage. I also love interior design, and am always working on something to make my house beautiful.


Every bag starts with a spark of inspiration and ends with an entirely useful and beautiful item that is handmade with intention. 

While true, one sentence can't capture my love of the whole process. The exploration, dreaming, and testing of different materials and methods to make a better bag is what keeps me motivated. I truly feel that every bag that leaves my studio is better than the last one I made, and that there will always be new ideas and innovative styles to create!

To learn more, and see lots of behind the scenes photos, follow along on Instagram and Facebook