Well here it is! My first blog post on my brand new website. I’ve wanted to write a good blog for so long, and now I have the perfect venue; no time like the present, so here we go. On this first post I want to lay out my ‘blog goals’ and give some shout outs to the girls who ¬†helped me¬†build this beautiful website.

First: Blog Goals!

  1. Share the incredible experience of working one on one with customers on their custom refashions.
  2. Give a behind the scenes of So Comfy Designs as I produce collections.
  3. Profile my friends in the biz by showing their work, their studio, and their process. We all have a unique perspective on producing and selling handmade and they are my biggest inspiration.
  4. Make tutorials! It’s time I give back and share some of my secrets on simple refashions and sewing.

Second: THANK YOU to the people who helped me make my website dreams come true. Laura Batista, Amanda Calhoun and Madhuri Shah, of the Cube IT at Lambton College. Through their expertise and guidance, I was able to build a site that aesthetically fit my overall vision for So Comfy Designs. Having the Cube IT teach me every step of the way really made a difference. I was taught to fish and I can keep fishing now. And if I need help, I know where to go.

Thank you to Sarah Scheible for her photography, and Holliby Ross and Ashley Grendel for modelling.

And thank you to you for taking interest in So Comfy Designs and this blog. I welcome any comments or questions, or sharing work and ideas.

I hope you’ll be entertained and inspired by my blog posts, and by So Comfy Designs.

All the best,

Randa xx