Since the day I wrote my business plan, I always imagined So Comfy Designs to have ready to wear, and to be able to work on custom refashions, one on one, with customers to reimagine clothing they already own. I try to build my One Of A Kind company to be flexible enough to take on a variety of custom customers, and I can imagine you have questions! Here’s look at some FAQ’s regarding custom orders:

Where do I order?

If you’re looking to have a custom bag made, it’s easier than ever to do right here on  I’ve created a few listings entitled “Your Custom Bag”. When you purchase this listing, you suddenly become a designer and I’ll contact you right away to begin the process of selecting the fabrics, leather, zippers, pockets, straps, and whatever custom touch you’ve always wanted! There will always be a limited amount of these custom bags available so that I don’t get backlogged and you get your bag within two weeks of purchase. Guaranteed.

But I don’t live in your town, so how does that work?

That’s not a problem for me! A little extra picture taking and online communication is all that’s necessary to build your custom piece from your own home, wherever in the world that might be! You are welcome to send me pictures of styles you love, and we can discuss how to incorporate elements into your custom design (I don’t copy other designs and rarely work with sewing patterns, making each design a one of a kind!) Note: there’s always a chance that the shipping may take a little longer depending on where in the world you are.

So what if I get it home and there’s a repair that needs to be made?

Since I guarantee my work I am responsible for repairs. If it’s defective upon arrival or within the first 30 days, I’ll pay for shipping both ways and repair it asap. If it needs to be repaired from overall normal wear and tear, then you can ship to me at your expense, and I’ll repair it free of charge. Either way, a simple email or Facebook message is all that’s necessary to start the process.

I paid a lot to have this custom bag, but I really am not happy with the outcome. Now what?

I’m proud to report that this hasn’t ever happened, and I have every interest in making sure it doesn’t ever. How? By keeping you in the loop of every decision made on your custom designs. However, I will give a 100% money back if you get it in your hands and are not completely in love with it.

What about other custom orders, like mittens, or slippers?

Come fall 2016 you will be able to order other popular So Comfy items such as the So Comfy Sweater Mitten and Slippers the same way by choosing colours, patterns, textures and knits, all online, all with a guaranteed shipping date. I’m also able to make any item in child’s sizing and price them accordingly.


I hope that this has answered the questions you might have around the custom bag options available for sale. I’m always available to answer any other queries @ For more info about the process, check out the “About” section of this website and customer reviews on


Thanks for reading!

Randa xx