It’s the end of August, 2016. So hot out. I’m lucky because I live just a few minutes from a beautiful beach and it just so happens that there’s a great festival (The Festival of Good Things) going on there. I love this festival; it’s the fourth year of it happening and I was a vendor/presenter at the first one. It’s ever so hip, but I’ve not had a chance to do the awesome stuff, like enjoy the live music and beer tent, because we always bring the kids down.

This year we were waiting in a painfully long line up for my kids to do an activity. I may have been in the mood to complain about it, but then I noticed something just a few metres to my right. A woman wearing really, really cool bag! So I notice EVERY bag on everybody, but this was one of the few that drew me (moth to a flame style!) to stare, and visually photograph it. The way it closed was unlike anything I’d seen before; a simple tab snap. Brilliant! It had some other really cool features, (the fabric was a great grey-white stripe, and there seemed to be an attached smaller bag on the front as well) but that tab closure captured my imagination and while we waited in the hot August sun for my boys to beat each other up with inflatable Q-tips, I designed the So Comfy Satchel in my brain.

I thought about it all night and 24 hours later I was carrying the first version of the satchel and LOVING it! I was able to draft a pattern and was so proud of this new original bag. I listened to some feedback from my amazing customers and decided that these bags should always have one zipped back pocket and one zipped inside pocket.

In case you didn’t know, this is coming up on my third season making bags. Up until Fall ’16 my bags had been 100% upcycled, which had always been my mission, but I was growing frustrated at the fact that once a one of a kind bag was sold, that was it. So I decided to give myself permission to fall in love with a new fabric, and combine it with upcycled leather to make a beautiful bag that was durable and still upcycled. I regularly upcycle straps, zippers, and fabric for lining, so the combo of new and old makes me, and more importantly, my customers happy.

This past fall, I took a big step and purchased around 10 metres of some beautifully patterned wool-blend poncho material and designed my first “More-than-one-of-a-kind-collection” and sold every one I made.  That confirmation gave me the courage to order some beautiful fabrics for the spring and now, I can proudly say, the So Comfy Satchel will be available all year round in seasonal colours and motifs!

There you have it, the inspiration behind my most favourite style.

Thanks for reading,

Randa xo