So Comfy Satchels, Spring 2017

So Comfy Satchels, Spring 2017

I’m one of those rare people who actually get to do what I’d always dreamed of.  My head hurts when I think about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, but my heart soars when I think about how far I’ve come in the  last 5 years.

Let me tell you about how I started making bags. Early on, in 2014 when I basically had one product (upcycled sweater mittens), I also had a distributor. She recommended I expand my product line to include something useful year round, and suggested bags. At that moment in time, I can honestly say that I’d never ever purchased a handmade bag before; I had a soft spot for luxury brands that I couldn’t afford, so I shopped Winners and always found stylish, somewhat-unique, always trendy bags. While I was apprehensive, I decided to try to make a bag, and decided that I was going to use a leather jacket! Hours of research later (Pinterest – always my go to!) I was cutting apart an ugly Goodwill leather jacket and, I guess, I’ve never looked back.

First style of cross body in 2014; So Comfy Reversible Bow Bag, Spring 2017

LEFT: first style of cross body in 2014. RIGHT: So Comfy Reversible Bow Bag, Spring 2017

The early bags were as simple as possible. I used only 100% upcycled materials, so every zipper, pocket, and strap was re-used, and bags were designed around zippered pockets, because I had no idea how to do that! Unless I got lucky at a thrift store and found a bag of zippers, I was stuck ripping broken bags apart. Friends often donated their old bags, and there were some lovely ladies at my St. Vinnies that would toss broken and soiled bags in a corner for me to come bag up and take away, instead of tossing in the trash. It was a TON of labour, but imagine what I learned by disassembling 1000 handbags. After a while, it became time consuming to seek & destroy, so I looked into some specialty shops, and now purchase beautiful brass zippers and strap hardware, which make my bags last longer, & look more beautiful. I also spent countless hours learning, practicing, failing, winning. It’s impossible to gauge how many hours I’ve invested…and to this day I’m inspired by every bag I see. (Yes, I will stare at your bag, and if it’s exceptionally unique, I might even ask you about it!)

I also found a few styles that I love to produce, and you seem to love to use! Each season you can now expect fresh fabrics in So Comfy Favourites Satchels, Totes, and Clutch & Wristlets.

Here we are, 3 years later, and I’ve heeded the call and am exclusively focusing on the So Comfy Bag Collection. I followed my heart, and evolved towards using quality, new fabrics and have found a really creative way to include 100% upcycled leather and upcycled linings, and working on a vegan option for every style. It’s not easy doing everything by myself, but I know that I’m following my authentic path by creating original designs for my most original customers. Now that I’ve shared some more of the So Comfy Story, it’s time to do what I intend this post to do: THANK YOU, MY SUPER CUSTOMERS.

Dear customers who bought those simple, one of a kind bags in 2014 and still like and comment on my brand new work; the customers who’ve bought so many bags, and keep coming back! The customers who’ve contacted me out of the blue with ideas to transform their old leather jackets, or ordered custom bags as gifts. And, my most favourite, customers who’ve become real life friends. I really really love doing what I do, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without your support.


Now, here’s my gift to you 🙂 comment on this blog post, or contact me via email if you’re one of those super customers I’ve written about. I’m going to give you a special code that gets you a nice discount off of any brand new bag you see, online or in person, starting April 7, 2017 and ending September 1, 2017. I’m so excited about this brand new collection, that I want to be sure my most favourite customers get a great discount, and first dibs! You’ll hear back from me within a few days 😉

Sample of upcoming fabric for Summer 2017!

Sample of upcoming fabric for Summer 2017!

As for BRAND NEW CUSTOMERS, I think you’re going to love your first So Comfy Bag so much that I’ve got a special offer for you too! Contact me, or comment on this post to find out more!

So, how about I end this right here; I can’t wait to see who comments and emails to respond to this (in my opinion) FABULOUS offer!


All the best,

Randa x