New website, new season, new logo! While working on the newest bag collection I started to get some ideas of a fresh new spring logo, and I’m so excited by what I’ve come up with.

When choosing a logo to represent your business, it can be overwhelming, sure, because this little image will be responsible for conveying your business image in a quick glance. But with some practice, inspiration, and the right graphic design program, you can do it!

When I started So Comfy Designs in 2012, I hired a graphic designer. Tina Irvine, from Blue Monster Creative, came up with the font and a triple heart logo that I loved. She’s a pro, and like every other pro, should get paid like one. There’s only so much money that I could throw at marketing, and once that dried up I knew I had to start playing around and figure out how to do it myself. I shopped around and found a photo editing site that I pay a nominal subscription fee each month for, and I started playing and practicing. That was a year ago. I had a lot of success with my winter packaging design; customers and peers gave me wonderful feedback and that was a real boost to my confidence! Flash forward to January 2016. Working on the spring/summer collection I knew I needed some beautiful hang tags for bags and something special to launch the website with. Something light and summery. Something that was cohesive with my overall vision. Something that I could come up with myself.

When I’m focusing on a task, especially a design task, it’s constantly on my mind and I look for inspiration EVERYWHERE. For this new design, I thought about what I am loving in home design, my favourite outfits, colours, and wanted to add my all time favourite motif, nautical. So, the rope circle is my nautical theme; I’ve evolved the original logo from Blue Monster, but still love the font and played with the size until I was thrilled with the look. As I grow the business, I’m proud of how I’ve come, so I added an “est. in 2012”. Flipping through all of the overlays, backgrounds and fonts in my design program, I found what I was looking for. A gorgeous vintage floral and a sweet little touch of aviary finishes it off beautifully. In interior design, apparently theres a ‘rule of 3’s’ when styling shelves, etc. I followed that rule (ok, maybe 5 elements, but 3 stand out!) and am very satisfied with the design.

The best part, I think, is that I can evolve this logo as the seasons change. For example, in September, look for the beautiful blooms to be replaced with oak leaves, and the little bird to have become a fat little creature, ready for fall. I’m sure there will be snowflakes added in the winter, to go along with my snowflake motif for my winter collection. And then back again to colourful vintage blossoms in the spring again.

Stay tuned to see a project I started working on making product bags for my first show in May, featuring this logo screen printed with 3D elements added!

What do you think? Have you ever designed a logo? Did you use a graphic designer to come up with yours or did  you experiment? I’d love to hear about it!

All the best,

Randa xx